Frresh Vegas - Is a Personalised, Fully Customisable,Customer Rewards Platform, primarily geared toward the Sales and Consumption of Fresh Prepared Foods.

Customers collect TOKENS by purchasing pre-nominated Goods & Services ( or achieving spend triggers ), from participating local & regional businesses within a nominated period of time eg: Weekly Specials or Monthly Promo's, etc. Or linked to existing in-house customer loyalty programs with tokens as selectable options.

After collecting 5 or 10 Tokens, customers ( via Frresh Vegas ) convert the Tokens into a Pre-Paid Credit Voucher of the customers choice, which can be used throughout a wide range of Local and Regional Businesses as well as a broad selection of businesses Australia Wide.

Customers have total control over how they choose to use the Customer Reward Tokens they have collected, and can option to have the Pre-Paid Credit Vouchers personally customised from the wide range of options in our LootBoxes that best suit their current lifestyle preferences.

... Frresh Vegas Generates and Redeems, Customer Reward Tokens.

... Customers collect Business Tokens as Customer Rewards by shopping at participating businesses and purchasing pre-nominated goods and services.

... After collecting 5 or 10 Tokens, made up of Business Tokens (BT) and Customer Tokens (CT) from Frresh Vegas, Customers can have their Tokens converted into a Gift Voucher / Credit Voucher via Frresh Vegas. 


Gift Vouchers/Credit Vouchers .. will be specifically customised as personally nominated by the customer to suit their current lifestyle preferences. 

Businesses can use the 'Frresh Vegas - Customer Rewards' platform as a 'Bolt On' alternative option to their existing Customer Loyalty Programs or Integrate it within their existing Customer Loyalty Programs.

Businesses can carry Frresh Vegas Tokens to give to their existing customers, as a reward option after they have achieved pre-set spend triggers.

Eg (a) Spend $25.00 / $30.00 in store to get 1 Token

or  (b) Buy a Special Menu Line and Get 1 Token.

or  (c) Through existing Customer Loyalty Initiatives, Eg Buy 9 Coffee's and get 1 Free - or customers can choose to get a Token as an alternative reward option.


 How can customers get tokens..

* BT TOKENS ( BUSINESS TOKENS ) Customers can get BT Tokens by purchasing pre-nominated Goods & Services at participating Businesses that carry Frresh Vegas Tokens.

* CT TOKENS ( CUSTOMER TOKENS ) Customers can get CT Customer Tokens from Frresh Vegas as a One Off Purchases with a minimum of 2 Tokens per purchase.

By buying 4 Customer Tokens, customers automatically become VIP Customers and will be entered into the monthly prize pools allocated to VIP Customers.

Or by buying 8 Customer Tokens, customers automatically become HIGH ROLLER Customers and will be entered into the monthly prize pools allocated to VIP Customers, plus the exclusive prize pool allocated to HIGH ROLLER Customers.



How many tokens do I need before I can convert them into a Credit Voucher.

... A combination of  5 Tokens will convert to a $12.00 Credit Voucher.                  ... A combination of 10 Tokens will convert to a $25.00 Credit Voucher. 

How can Food Businesses get Tokens.

Businesses can also purchase BT ) Business Tokens for use as Customer Rewards via:

Businesses can very easily purchase Tokens as one off transactions with absolutely no ongoing commitment for as little as $22.00 for 4 Tokens gst incl. We will need your Business and Contact Details so we can ship the tokens to you with your business details on the Tokens.

Business can also sign up for monthly plans, and we will send you fresh tokens each week to minimise the chances of anyone getting ripped.

How will Frresh Vegas Business Tokens help my Business.

Frresh Vegas will be a frequently visited, quick & easy reference point for our customers to find which Businesses will have Business Tokens on a Weekly and Monthly Basis and which Products and/or Services will have the Tokens attached to them.

For Business Token Traders, Fresh Vegas can be a marketing & communications platform with opportunities for businesses to connect on a daily basis to an engaged and motivated customer base. With easily quantifiable related sales markers.

Frresh Vegas Tokens are a tool to direct engaged customer traffic to your business.

Frresh Vegas will direct customers to your business so that they can get the business tokens they need to convert into Credit Vouchers.

Frresh Vegas will market its products and services, including the products, services & website links, of all participating businesses, through the normal  social channels of Facebook + Instagram, as well as our website which is a One Stop - Quick and Easy reference guide for our customers, as to which businesses will have Frresh Vegas Business Tokens on a weekly and monthly basis including all the links and info for those businesses. So our customers will easily know where they can get their Business Tokens and what to expect when they get there.

Cheers Guys,

If you have any more questions or queries about participating in this start up concept .. please do not hesitate to contact us .. we will be more than happy to be of assistance.